Ms. T. L. Cooper,

Executive Director &

Founder of G.G.I.T.

Educator, Empowerment Speaker, Life Coach,

Change Agent, Visionary

Aspiring Author

Hello Queen Sister,

            Welcome to the G.G.I.T. Movement!

When I see you.....I see sister! 

You are authentic, talented and beautiful! Your royalty is waiting to be unleashed! Today, you are on your way to a better YOU!  You must invest in yourself, try new things and never give up!

I am so excited about the great things that G.G.I.T. is doing for women and teens!  "Getting It Together" is a daily process! 

We are on this journey together....and it is my hope that you will make a decision TODAY to get your life together.....your mind, body, health and spirit.

"My passion is to educate, empower and transform the lives of women and teens!" Allow me to help you  to Be MORE!

Thanks for visiting the G.G.I.T. Website!

Enjoy Today! 

Peace & Royalty,


G.G.I.T. Pledge

I will love myself daily! I will think positive thoughts when I am challenged!  I will never give up!  I will exhaust all options!  I will free myself of negative energy!  I will love myself first, no matter what happens!  I am committed to live a healthy lifestyle!  A Queen lies within me!

-T. L. Cooper

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