G.G.I.T. Team Volunteers

Dana Calhoun

Rosa Smith

Pamela Saine

Deborah (Howard)

Pamela Wilson

Patrice Hart

Alisha Linton

Shaton McLaurin

Stephanie Motley

Gwen Buchannan

Nozipo Glenn

Mahia Glen

McCorry's Daughter

A'Vion Stewart

Allen Nichols

Melinda White

The G.G.I.T. Team would like to thank sponsors, volunteers and speakers supporting the G.G.I.T. movement over the years!  You have helped to make this vision, dream and passion become a reality! Thanks again for  your continued support.

G.G.I.T. Indianapolis, Indiana

Speaker Series

Tammy Bibbs

Kathy Parson

Lynn English

Kendall Flemings, Sr

Cheryl Warren

Future Speaker Series


Girl Get It Together, LLC!

G.G.I.T. Dayton Ohio

Speaker Series

Tywan Corbit 

Dana Calhoun

Rosa Smith

Shawon Gullette

Valerie Lewis Coleman

Rev. Jerome McCorry

Gwen Buchannan

Deborah (Howard)

Tinishia Shelton

Tamarus Stokes

Bramewave Elements

Trimming with Flemings

Good to Go Bail Bonding

Valerie Lewis Coleman

Queen V Publishing

H.L. Cooper

Monica Sanders

B.J. Kids 91

Gwendolyn Jones

Lynnette Henry

Loretta Leonard

Michelle Littlejohn

B. Littlejohn

Cooper's Catering


Joseph Smith (Care Source)

Exilir Fitness

Zoomquest Photography

G.G.I.T.  Indy Team Volunteers

Shila Cooper

Veronica Flonnoy

Monica Gooch

Stephanie Groves

Tiarra C.A. Maye

Michael D. Rowland, III

‚ÄčAnthony E. Walton Jr

Kendrea Williams

Zalinda Williams